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CAR (in Spanish, Centro de Alto Rendimiento or Centre for High Performance) is a Government backed organization offering training programmes and education to over 350 young men and women aiming to compete at the highest international levels. Their faculty, just outside Barcelona and close to the international airport, sits in beautiful surroundings. It offers everything needed for the young international level sportsman including a medical and psychological centre, professional nutritionists and recovery sessions.

CAR places great importance on the academic and personal development of its pupils emphasising that respect, education and adaptability are complemented by effort, dedication and focus. CAR athletes can study for their "Bachillerato". "ESO" or attend the Vocational Training Institute, located within the CAR facility.

This international school is renowned for its educational innovation and high academic achievements. Students receive highly personalised teaching and care.

The school a short walk from CAR, gives P.T.M. drivers the opportunity to study their high school courses and to gain their International Bachillerato if they prefer. The Agora school operated a trilingual education (Spanish, Catalan and English) at the highest standards with pupils going on to the top international universities.

The ART Grand Prix team was founded in 2005 based on ASM F3 victorious team. Its establishment was the fruit of the union of two very well-known businessmen in the area: Nicolas Todt and Frederic Vasseur. Currently the team has representation in the Formula Renault 2.0 Championships; GP2 and GP3 Series and GT Blankpain Series. With its great success, based on the experience of chief of staff Armando Fillini, ART Grand Prix has developed its own kart chassis in late 2011 and, since then, offers the products throughout the world. Since its first event in Europe, Takuya Okada competes in the ART Grand Prix official factory team.

The FIA's Action for Road Safety is a global campaign, focusing the federation's resources on helping it's member organisations around the globe to educate and advocate for safer roads, vehicles and behaviours.

Pro Track Management, (PTM), is dedicated to providing sports management to young racing drivers. Founded by Albert Resclosa, P.T.M. provides professional care and advice to those looking to develop a career in racing away from their family and home.

Pro Track Management (PTM.) is committed to ensuring that young drivers, often far from their families and home countries, are given the necessary support to achieve the correct balance between sports training, education and the development of personal and social skills.