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European Championship 1st round in La Conca

So hard weekend for us. All in all I think that was the best that we could do today. Of course I’d like to have done better at the 1st round of the Championship. But I knew that it would be very difficult before the start. My pace was too slow compare to the leaders and a lap-time I made in the previous race here in La Conca. 
The team have done an amazing job and all the hard work both here and at the factory is paying off at the moment. I really want to give a big shout-out to the team for continuously pushing forward with so much positive energy in 2014. The different to the leaders is still big. Hopefully, from our point of view, rather sooner than later we\\\'ll give them a hard time. I hope that in time we can catch up, and as I said start giving them a run for their money.