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WSK Super Master Series Rd.3

This race I was at my best of the season. In the qualifying, I made 10th fastest lap in spite of not making a good place to make a good lap. It lets everyone know how fast we were in this race. At one of the qualifying heats I finished 5th which was quite good thinking of starting 8th place. But the other heats I wasn\'t favored by fortune. On sunday, I caught a cold, and then very difficult to concentrate during the prefinal. At the prefinal, my start wasn\'t good enough to go front. Middle of the race I made a mistake and then I lost position a lot. As a result I couldn\'t go to the final. Ultimately that wasn\'t a perfect weekend for me. Too many things went wrong. My performance in qualifying  wasn\'t good enough as well. But it was an amazing team result again, and the whole team can be very proud. Really happy to be in La Conca in a Week for the european championship. We have a speed to go in front. So look forward to the next week.