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La Conca

That was a really tricky on Friday afternoon so I have to be pleased with nine place in a group A although , of course , I\\\'d rather have been fighting for a position on the top five in a group. The car was quick out there and I had a good balance but I just couldn’t get a enough space to do a good lap.


I’ve been thinking that I need to have a good start in the race and , if I can achieve that ,then there is still a lot to play for. But that was a tough race this afternoon for me. My race just didn\\\'t quite come together and I\\\'m not really sure why as I gave it my all out there. Everyone worked so hard this weekend to get my car repaired and ready for the race so it\\\'s frustrating not to have delivered a better performance for them. Finishing in eighteen place is never satisfying but I\\\'m confident that we can get some more good results for the team and we\\\'ll keep fighting to achieve just that.