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Takuya Okada born in Osaka, Japan, in 1997. He moved to Nara city, Japanese old capital in 8th century. When he was nine, he started karting in the member of kart shop TRENTA QUATTORO (which stays within 40min-drive from home)

Takuya has been interested in the motor sports since he watched some Formula One races on TV at age 6.

He went to a Formula One race at Suzuka at age 7 and since then he wanted to be Takuma Sato, his idol of motorsport.

However his parents hadn't experience in the motor sports and they hadn't idea of what to do for Takuya and his future.

They happen to find the kart shop TRENTA QUATTORO on the web and knocked the door. It was his beginning. That was the moment of his starting racing career.

Takuya started kart racing in Japan (Subaru Cadet) in 2007. He didn't wait long before bringing great results, in 2008 he was Champion at the Meihan Subaru Cadet Series in Japan.

In 2009 he moved up to Junior Rotax in Japan and a year later he competed in the Suzuka Junior Rotax Max series, he got one pole position.

Takuya came to Europe and he started kart racing with Maranello karting team (KF3)

He continued his learning curve in kart and he participated in Winter Cup, WSK Euro Series and Final Cup. Takuya achieved sixth place in Italian Championships,

In 2012 Takuya joined the driver company of ART GP (KF3). During that year he competed in Winter Cup, the trophy of Margutti, WSK Euro Series and the World Championships.

Simultaneously Takuya ended All Japan Karting Championship (KF).

After an intense year, in 2013 he joined the driver company of ART GP but, this time, in other category: KF, in wich he competed in WSK Master Series, the World Championships.

He is living in Barcelona from November 2013.